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Videos supplied by Haynes manuals
Worn spark plugs can cause difficult starting, misfiring, erratic running and poor fuel consumption. Haynes shows you how to fit new ones yourself. If you can clean the lint filter in a tumble drier then you can change a car air or pollen filter. See how easy it is with Haynes. Changing the oil is the single most important thing you can do to prolong engine life. Why pay a garage to do it? It's easy when Haynes shows you how.
Maintain your car's value by touching up any scratches in the paintwork. Haynes shows you how to get a professional-looking result. With just a little elbow grease it's really very easy to increase the resale value of your car with these handy tips from Haynes. Are your car's brake pads and discs worn? It's easy to save money by fitting new ones yourself. Haynes shows you how.
Don't pay bodyshop charges to fix small holes or dents in your car's bodywork. Haynes gives you some tips on getting good results with fibreglass and filler. Avoid overheating and serious engine damage. Haynes shows you how to top up the cooling system and change the coolant. Your brakes won't work if the fluid level is too low. Haynes, the world's leading publisher of car manuals, shows you how easy it is to top it up.
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